I love my work and I fully enjoy my time at the studio. I was always fascinated by the creative world of hairdressing. My everyday work gives me great pleasure and it is the source of great satisfaction. I’m constantly developing new skills which I’m able to put in use on a daily basis. Seeing a happy customer gives me a sense of achievement and motivates me for further development. I would like to invite both our regular and new customers to visit us in our studio.


I’ve started my career as a stylist 7 years ago. My passion for helping people to feel and look better is my drive. At the same time, I’m gaining tons of motivation and satisfaction from my work with my clients. Customer satisfaction is my drive to further development and progress within enjoinment and profession I love.


I believe good relationship with clients is the key to trust and understanding. I’m calm and reliable stylist. Thanks to my compassionate nature my clients trust me when it comes to new hairstyle or when the just want little change.


As far back as I can remember I always wanted to by hairdresser, after I graduated I’ve started my journey as hair stylist. I strive for excellence. I have attended many seminars and courses which helped my development. I have been nominated and won prestigious awards for achievements by county of Silesia. I’m proud I can work and continuously learn from my master and champion Damian Duda.


I've been working with Damian Duda for the last 10 years. I'm considered myself to be positive and chatty person. I'm definitely a people person. My job is my passion and it is highly rewarding. I'm very committed to my work and I take into consideration individual needs of the clients. Satisfied client is the greatest reward for me. I will do my best to meet my client’s expectations.


Since I was a little girl I wanted to be a hairdresser, years later I’ve managed to achieve my dream and I’ve graduated as hairdresser. After further hard work I’ve passed next level assessment and become master of hair styling. Thanks to Damian I was able to spread my wings and I am more creative than ever.